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Accreditation Renewal 2022 (Overdue)

The following was stated in the Accreditation Renewal 20222:

Landscape Architects Accreditation is valid for a year and renewal exercise is conducted Oct 2021. The criteria for the renewal are:
(1) CPD point accumulated in 2021 and submit this online form,
(2) Acceptance of Professional Code, and
(3) Accreditation annual fee.

If your name is not found in the registry, you have missed the grace period for 2022 renewal, which was 31 Jan 2022.
After 31 Jan 2022, any Accr. LA who do not complete any of the (1), (2) or (3) will be considered lapsed and must take Accreditation Exams.

For those who lapse from 31 Jan 2022 onward, you can email your appeal to stating the following:

- reason(s) for missing the grace period;

- if your name and accreditation number were in the registry before 31 Jan 2021; and

- email subject must be "FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: APPEAL TO BE REINSTATED IN 2022 <name of person who appeal>"

Do note that all appeals are subjected for review. 

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