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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme?

The Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme is supportedby the DesignSingapore Council, which is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information. The Council aims to raise the bar for the design industry through accreditation. SILA has developed the Landscape Architect Accreditation framework in conjunction with DesignSingapore Council’s objectives and set up the Accreditation Programme for Landscape Architects.


What is the structure of the Accreditation office?

The Landscape Architects Accreditation Office comprises the Accreditation Project Manager(s) and Accreditation Subcommittee (ASC) of SILA.


An independent Advisory Committee (AC) will advise on the strategic development of the Accreditation Programme and promote good landscape architectural practices and professionalism. It is made up of representatives from government authorities, interdisciplinary professional organisations and established professionals from SILA, whose contribution to the landscape architectural industry is recognised by SILA members.


The Expert Panel in the Advisory Committee (AC-EP), made of established professional landscape architects nominated by SILA, advises on the examination and evaluation of Accredited Landscape Architects. ASC will develop examinations and course related material based on the Expert Panel’s advice.

Scope of works for Advisory Committee


Advise the Accreditation Office on matters such as:

a. Strategic development of the Accreditation Programme;

b. Framework of the Accreditation Programme; and

c. Framework of the Continuous Professional Development programme.

Scope of works for Expert Panel

a. Advise on standards of professional conduct and ethics;

b. Evaluate the competency of accreditation candidates; by examining the exam application documents, written examination and interviews;

c. Advise on Accreditation examination and evaluation of;

d. Accreditation candidate; and

e. Conduct interviews as part of Accreditation examination.

Scope of work for the Accreditation Office

a. Keep and maintain a listing of accredited landscape architects;

b. Maintains oversight of the accreditation scheme;

c. Review feedbacks related to the accreditation scheme

d. Appoint arbitrators in the event of disputes; and

e. Study the effectiveness of the accreditation program by conducting surveys

Scope of work for the Accreditation Subcommittee

a. Develop Core CPD programmes based on the 3 domains of accreditation training;

b. Develop Accreditation examination and evaluation criteria with support of Advisory Committee Expert Panel; and

c. Advice on administration of the accreditation office.


How often do I need to renew my Accreditation status?

Landscape Architect Accreditation is valid for 1 year and annual fee shall be paid by 31st January. If the requirement is not satisfactory, accreditation status will be revoked. In order to regain accreditation status, the individual will have to take the accreditation exam and fulfil the associated requirements. Appeals can be made to the Accreditation Office, in the event of any objection to the Accreditation office’s decision regarding suspension/ revoking of the accreditation status.


– Min. 20 CPD point including min. 10 Core-CPD in the past year
– Payment of Annual Fee of $150 (SILA Members), $250 (non-SILA Members)


Annual fee shall be paid by 31st January. If the requirement is not satisfied, Accreditation status will be revoked. In order to regain the Accreditation status the person will have to take the accreditation exam with the fulfilment of the associated requirements.

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