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Registration for 2024 Exams:


By December 2022: Mentorship Registration >> Candidate and Mentor documents approved (by email) >> Start Mentorship >> Activate Online Logbook (to update every quarter starting from January 2023)

June 2024: Launch Exam Application (Register Online)

August 2024: Exam Application ($100 payment valid for 2 year) + Written Exam Registration ($200 payment)

September 2024: Conduct Written Exam (closed book exam)

October 2024: Written Exam Results Notification

October 2024: Oral Exam Registration (for those who pass Written Exam) ($200 payment)

November 2024: Conduct Oral Exam

December 2024: Oral Exam Results Notification (successful candidates will be reflected in Accredited Landscape Architects Registry)

March / April 2025: Certificate Presentation during SILA AGM

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