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CPD Points

Every Accredited Landscape Architect in Singapore needs to collect 20 CPD Points annually.


November or December of  every year, Accredited Landscape Architects will be send a link for renewal of accreditation status.

The Accredited Landscape Architects List will be updated annually at the start of each year, after all the CPD Points are verified. 

If an Accredited Landscape Architect is unable to complete 20 CPD Points of Professional Development in a year, the shortfall can be carried to the next one year to accumulate within the next year for renewal.   

Eg. in Dec 2019, an Accredited Landscape Architect collected only 18 CPD Points, he / she can be renewed in 2020; but in 2020 this Landscape Architect must collect 22 CPD Points to be renewed for 2021. These 22 CPD Points can only be collected within 2020, else this Landscape Architect's Accredited status will lapse.

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